Interface IUnionType

All Superinterfaces:
IAnySimpleType, IAnyType, IComponent, IHasBindingAttributes, IHasLocation, ISimpleType, ISourceInfo
All Known Implementing Classes:
RestrictedUnionType, UnionType

public interface IUnionType
extends IAnySimpleType

Represents a union type. Union types only exist in the schema but not as actual types of data. A union type only describes what actual types are allowed for the corresponding data.

The data creation process of union types differs significantly from the corresponding process of the other types. A union type does not create any data by itself but it looks for a suitable member type of the union to create the data.

The code generator generates for union typed properties accessor methods that are as specific as possible, i.e. the effective type of a union typed property is the most specific common base type of all member types.

Method Summary
 java.util.Iterator iterMemberTypes()
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Method Detail


public java.util.Iterator iterMemberTypes()