Class RefAttribute

  extended byorg.jbind.xml.schema.element.Attribute
      extended byorg.jbind.xml.schema.element.RefAttribute
All Implemented Interfaces:
IAttribute, IHasLocation

public class RefAttribute
extends Attribute

Constructor Summary
RefAttribute(ACParams anACParams, ISymbolspace aSymbolSpace)
Method Summary
 IRef getRef()
          Gets the attribute value interpreted as a reference.
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Constructor Detail


public RefAttribute(ACParams anACParams,
                    ISymbolspace aSymbolSpace)
             throws XmlException
Method Detail


public IRef getRef()
Description copied from interface: IAttribute
Gets the attribute value interpreted as a reference. This method must only be called if it is known that the attribute is a reference.

Specified by:
getRef in interface IAttribute
getRef in class Attribute