Class PrefixDeclaration

  extended byorg.jbind.xml.base.PrefixDeclaration

public class PrefixDeclaration
extends java.lang.Object

Describes a prefix declaration, i.e. a prefix to namespace mapping.

Field Summary
 java.lang.String namespace
 java.lang.String prefix
Constructor Summary
PrefixDeclaration(java.lang.String aPrefix, java.lang.String aNamespace)
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Field Detail


public final java.lang.String prefix
(required). The empty string denotes the the prefix declaration belongs to the default namespace.


public final java.lang.String namespace
(required). The empty string indicates that there is no namespace for the prefix. Such prefix declarations are used to remove namespace declarations in nested namespace context (cf. namespace 1.1 specification).

Constructor Detail


public PrefixDeclaration(java.lang.String aPrefix,
                         java.lang.String aNamespace)