Interface IReferenceConstraint

All Superinterfaces:
IConstraint, IHasBindingAttributes, IHasLocation, IIdentityConstraint, ISourceInfo
All Known Subinterfaces:
IIdRefOrIdRefsConstraint, ITypeKeyRefConstraint
All Known Implementing Classes:
IdRefOrIdRefsConstraint, TypeKeyRefConstraint

public interface IReferenceConstraint
extends IIdentityConstraint, ISourceInfo

Describes a reference constraint.

Method Summary
 java.lang.String getConstraintKey()
          Gets the key of the reference constraint.
 boolean isSingleNotMultipleReference()
          Indicates if the constraint references a single data object or if it references multiple data objects.
Methods inherited from interface org.jbind.xml.core.constraint.IIdentityConstraint
getDataType, setDataType
Methods inherited from interface org.jbind.xml.core.constraint.IConstraint
getConstraintType, globalCheck, isFinal, isRestriction, localCheck
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getAnnotation, getPrefixToNamespaceMapping, isTopLevelComponent
Methods inherited from interface org.jbind.xml.base.IHasBindingAttributes
getBindingAttribute, getDefaultedLocalBindingAttribute, getDefaultedLocalStringBindingAttribute, getLocalBindingAttribute, getLocalStringBindingAttribute, getStringBindingAttribute

Method Detail


public boolean isSingleNotMultipleReference()
Indicates if the constraint references a single data object or if it references multiple data objects.

Returns true iff a single data object is referenced.


public java.lang.String getConstraintKey()
Gets the key of the reference constraint. The key must be unique within the type the reference constraint belongs to. The key is used by the methods that are generated for reference constraints to access their referenced data.