Class AttrRef

  extended byorg.jbind.xml.schema.cmp.Component
      extended byorg.jbind.xml.schema.cmp.AttrDesc
          extended byorg.jbind.xml.schema.cmp.AttrRefOrDecl
              extended byorg.jbind.xml.schema.cmp.AttrRef
All Implemented Interfaces:
IAttrDesc, IAttrRef, IAttrRefOrDecl, IComponent, IDataDesc, IDataRefOrDecl, IDefaultTextContentProvider, IHasBindingAttributes, IHasLocation, ISourceInfo

public class AttrRef
extends AttrRefOrDecl
implements IAttrRef

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class org.jbind.xml.schema.cmp.AttrRefOrDecl
myDefault, myFixed
Constructor Summary
AttrRef(ISourceInfo aSourceInfo, AttributeOccurence anOccurence, IAttrRefOrDecl anAttr)
Method Summary
 void accept(IComponentVisitor aVisitor)
          Accepts a visitor.
 void addValueConstraints(java.lang.String aDefault, java.lang.String aFixed, IConstraintViolations aViolations)
 IAttribute getBindingAttribute(java.lang.String aName)
          Gets the specified binding attribute.
 IAttribute getDefaultedLocalBindingAttribute(java.lang.String aName)
          Gets a local binding attribute.
 IAttribute getLocalBindingAttribute(java.lang.String aName)
          Gets a local binding attribute.
 IAnyType getType()
          Gets the data type.
 boolean hasDefaultType()
          Indicates if the attribute declaration has an explicitly assigned type or if it got the "anySimpleType" by default.
 boolean isReference()
          Checks if this component is defined as a reference to another component.
Methods inherited from class org.jbind.xml.schema.cmp.AttrRefOrDecl
getDefault, getFixed, getOccurence, validate
Methods inherited from class org.jbind.xml.schema.cmp.AttrDesc
checkValueConstraints, createData, createEmptyData, createUncheckedData, getDefaultTextContent, getSymbolspace, isActive, isActive
Methods inherited from class org.jbind.xml.schema.cmp.Component
addSubComponent, getAnnotation, getBindings, getDefaultedLocalStringBindingAttribute, getGlobalRef, getLocalStringBindingAttribute, getLocation, getName, getNamespace, getParentComponent, getPrefixToNamespaceMapping, getStringBindingAttribute, isAnonymous, isTopLevelComponent, setBindings, setParentComponent, visitSubComponents
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clone, equals, finalize, getClass, hashCode, notify, notifyAll, toString, wait, wait, wait
Methods inherited from interface org.jbind.xml.core.content.IAttrRefOrDecl
Methods inherited from interface org.jbind.xml.core.content.IDataDesc
checkValueConstraints, createData, createEmptyData, createUncheckedData, getDefault, getFixed, isActive, isActive
Methods inherited from interface org.jbind.xml.core.bridge.IDefaultTextContentProvider
Methods inherited from interface org.jbind.xml.core.cmp.IComponent
addSubComponent, getBindings, getGlobalRef, getName, getNamespace, getParentComponent, getSymbolspace, isAnonymous, isTopLevelComponent, setBindings, setParentComponent, validate
Methods inherited from interface org.jbind.xml.core.cmp.ISourceInfo
getAnnotation, getPrefixToNamespaceMapping
Methods inherited from interface org.jbind.xml.base.IHasLocation
Methods inherited from interface org.jbind.xml.base.IHasBindingAttributes
getDefaultedLocalStringBindingAttribute, getLocalStringBindingAttribute, getStringBindingAttribute

Constructor Detail


public AttrRef(ISourceInfo aSourceInfo,
               AttributeOccurence anOccurence,
               IAttrRefOrDecl anAttr)
Method Detail


public void accept(IComponentVisitor aVisitor)
            throws XmlException
Description copied from interface: IComponent
Accepts a visitor. The implementation calls the corresponding visitXXXStart and vistXXXEnd methods of the visitor (e.g. visitComplexTypeStart and visitComplexTypeEnd).

Specified by:
accept in interface IComponent
aVisitor - (required).


public void addValueConstraints(java.lang.String aDefault,
                                java.lang.String aFixed,
                                IConstraintViolations aViolations)
Specified by:
addValueConstraints in interface IDataRefOrDecl


public IAnyType getType()
Description copied from interface: IDataDesc
Gets the data type.

Specified by:
getType in interface IDataDesc


public boolean hasDefaultType()
Description copied from interface: IAttrRefOrDecl
Indicates if the attribute declaration has an explicitly assigned type or if it got the "anySimpleType" by default.

Specified by:
hasDefaultType in interface IAttrRefOrDecl
Returns true iff the declaration got the default type.


public boolean isReference()
Description copied from interface: IComponent
Checks if this component is defined as a reference to another component.

Specified by:
isReference in interface IComponent
Returns true iff this component is a reference to another component.


public IAttribute getBindingAttribute(java.lang.String aName)
Description copied from interface: IHasBindingAttributes
Gets the specified binding attribute. The attribute may be searched in different contexts (for example a schema component may asked its ancestor component and its schema for the specified attribute. The the first occurence is returned.

Specified by:
getBindingAttribute in interface IHasBindingAttributes
getBindingAttribute in class Component


public IAttribute getLocalBindingAttribute(java.lang.String aName)
Description copied from interface: IHasBindingAttributes
Gets a local binding attribute.

Specified by:
getLocalBindingAttribute in interface IHasBindingAttributes
getLocalBindingAttribute in class Component


public IAttribute getDefaultedLocalBindingAttribute(java.lang.String aName)
Description copied from interface: IHasBindingAttributes
Gets a local binding attribute. If the binding attribute is not specified locally then a default value is looked for. Default values can be specified on schema elements. If a schema is included by another schema then the default values of the parent schema are considered too.

Specified by:
getDefaultedLocalBindingAttribute in interface IHasBindingAttributes
getDefaultedLocalBindingAttribute in class Component