Interface IVehicleData

All Superinterfaces:
IAnyTypeData, IComplexCCData, IComplexData, IMeansOfTransport, IMeansOfTransportData
All Known Subinterfaces:
IAutomobileData, ITruck, ITruckData, IVehicle
All Known Implementing Classes:
AutomobileData, Truck, Vehicle

public interface IVehicleData
extends IMeansOfTransport

Complex type with empty content model.

Attribute Summary
manufacturer use: optional; propertyName: Manufacturer
numberOfWheels use: optional; propertyName: NumberOfWheels
          This attribute is set by a hook method that is manually implemented in the Vehicle class.

Attribute Detail


type: String (IIDREFData) use: optional; propertyName: Manufacturer


type: int (IIntData) use: optional; propertyName: NumberOfWheels
This attribute is set by a hook method that is manually implemented in the Vehicle class.

Method Summary
 int getNumberOfWheels()
          Gets the numberOfWheels attribute.
 boolean hasNumberOfWheels()
          Checks if the numberOfWheels attribute is present.
 void removeNumberOfWheels()
          Removes the numberOfWheels attribute.
 void setNumberOfWheels(int aValue)
          Sets the numberOfWheels attribute.
Methods inherited from interface org.jbind.example.meansOfTransport.IMeansOfTransportData
getManufacturer, hasManufacturer, refManufacturer, setManufacturer
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Method Detail


public int getNumberOfWheels()
Gets the numberOfWheels attribute.

The value.


public void setNumberOfWheels(int aValue)
                       throws XmlException
Sets the numberOfWheels attribute. The underlying data class implements the hook method:
protected void doSetNumberOfWheels(int aValue) throws XmlException;

aValue - The new value.
XmlException - Raised if the value could not be set.


public boolean hasNumberOfWheels()
Checks if the numberOfWheels attribute is present.

Returns true iff the attribute is present.


public void removeNumberOfWheels()
                          throws XmlException
Removes the numberOfWheels attribute. If the attribute has a default (or fixed) value than a new attribute is created (on demand).

XmlException - Raised if it is tried to remove a required attribute.